Ralph’s faith flies high

Ralph's-storyFrom the age of about five, I dreamed of becoming a pilot. As a result of eye problems it was not be possible to become a fighter pilot and as I believed for many years even to become a pilot. Four years ago when on holiday as a result of poor weather I purchased an aviation magazine and after looking at the pilot training adverts and the adverts for aeroplanes I realised although it is expensive to be trained as a pilot I could afford it.

I then started to research the local flying schools and get quotes for a private pilot licence. I then contacted my rector, the then Evangelist Lance Smith and explained my dream of getting a private pilot’s licence and he said that God would grant all my dreams. I then decided to first complete the aviation medical, expecting to experience problems with my eyes during the aviation medical. After completing the aviation medical eye test the aviation doctor asked if I wanted to continue with the medical saying that if I stopped the aviation medical at this point he would not charge me for the medical as he does not expect I will pass the medical.

Knowing that our Father will open the way as per the words form my rector, I insisted that we continue with the aviation medical and then go to an eye specialist to get the required written report for the aviation medical review board which will decide if I will be granted a medical certificate. At the medical board I am declared medically fit to train as a private pilot by the grace of our Father in heaven.

The next test of faith comes in February 2010 on the intro flight, when my instructor and I returned to the Grand Central airport and he asks me if I can see the airport, which I only identify when we are alongside the airport. My instructor James then worriedly said that he had never experienced that a student did not see the airport. Although this weighed on my mind I hold onto the word from my rector and I continued with the pilot training.

After completing all the required written exams and practical flying tasks, the flight exam was set for 14 June 2011 and on the day, after preparing the previous two days, I arrived at the airport for the pre-flight test which would be followed by the flight test. The instructor who was to test me then told me that the visibility was very bad and that he did not want to put me at a disadvantage as a result of the poor visibility and suggested that we possibly postpone the flight test to another day. I checked the visibility while completing the pre-flight checks on the aeroplane and then remembering the blessing received from my rector I thought that our Father in heaven would not have chosen this day for me to complete the flight test if I could not complete it successfully so I decided to complete the test. After we took off and headed out to the first way point the visibility, the weather improved, making it a really good flight culminating in the successful completion of the flight test and the issuing of my private pilot license.

Our Father in heaven throughout the entire time of working to the private pilot license has always been there to remind me of the promise He gave me and then on the day of the test He was there once again to open the way for me.


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