Comfort from Jesus Christ: 29/ 30 January 2014

When the Lord saw her, He had compassion on her and said to her, “Do not weep.” — Luke 7: 13


Through Jesus Christ we can comfort one another. A young man had died in the city of Nain. His mother – a widow – was also among the funeral procession leaving the city. At that time, the death of her son would not only have meant a loss of social status for her but also the loss of her means of support. And beyond that it is especially painful when parents lose a child. Grief and despair are overpowering. Jesus Christ was travelling with His disciples and a large crowd of people who were expecting and hoping He would soon perform His next miracle. The two groups – one joyful and hopeful, the other one grieving and sad – met up.

Core Points

In this encounter in Nain, where Jesus raised the young man from the dead, shows how He comforts. The comfort of Christ is brought to expression in the fact that:

  • Christ does not ignore our sufferings.
  • Christ always creates a new perspective.
  • Christ has power over death.

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