NAC-SEA Music School makes strides in music education

NAC-SEA Report 2013The NAC-SEA Music School has created more opportunities for its members throughout the working area to further their music development via the church’s internal resources, said District Apostle Patrick Mkhwanazi in a letter to congregations in the South East Africa district.

The school, started by the late District Apostle Johann Kitching in 1999, was assessed at the beginning of 2012, and the importance of creating more opportunities was realised. “We then employed District Evangelist Henry Kayser in 2013 as a full time Music Development Leader at the NAC-SEA Administration office and I am very pleased to say that this has produced favourable results to the extent that we now have music facilities in practically all major centres in our working area,” said the DA in his letter.

District Evangelist Kayser is responsible for the Music Development of the entire NAC-SEA district and will be working closely with the respective bishops and their appointed area coordinators. He is supported by the music workgroup under the leadership of Apostle Abraham Page. Much progress has already been made with the support of all stakeholders, as numbers at the school increased from 13 to 165 during 2013.

Music has always formed an integral part of the New Apostolic Church and is therefore promoted extensively. The NAC has various choirs, ranging from the congregational choir to the area or regional choirs, that meet regularly for practice and rendering of musical programmes. The playing of instruments and formation of orchestras is encouraged from the earliest ages. Since musical training is not always accessible to all NAC members, the NAC-SEA Music School was established to ensure the learning and teaching of music and instruments. From the beginning, a principled decision was taken to reach out to members (students) in the economically disadvantaged areas in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Since its inception, the music school has tuitioned many members, activating tremendous growth in the music field. Students have a variety of musical instruments to choose from, including strings, brass, woodwinds, organ and piano. As part of the curriculum each student that enrols with the school is given an opportunity to enter for both practical and theory examinations through various academic institutions in the region. There are also internal evaluations done with each student bi-annually by professional music teachers who are contracted to the school.

The students, upon reaching a high standard of playing are then absorbed into the mass orchestra and have the opportunity to perform at major musical events of the church. They also form part of the NAC culture by playing in the smaller orchestras at regional or congregational level during divine services.

In March 2013, the DA underscored the following outcomes pertaining to music for the NAC-SEA working area for 2013 to 2014 – singing families, music leadership structures at Bishop area level, effective new hymn learning in all congregations, a positive drive to increase music development in all township congregations, the music school is to be established in entire NAC-SEA working area, a focus on Sunday School singing, and translating 300 english hymns into Setswana, Zulu, Sotho, and Portuguese. In addition focus areas, as entrenched in the Music Vision Statement of the church are, creating a culture in music appreciation, developing standards through acquired knowledge, achieving excellence together with enjoyable and enthusiastic participation, and expressing our love for God and society through music.

For more information, contact District Evangelist Kayser on 082 387 1532 or on his office number (011) 6074300. Alternatively, click here for a list of Gauteng music school venues and local teachers. Members in the other regions within the district will be informed as soon as their details have been finalised.

Click here for further information on some of the outcomes achieved in 2013.


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