The gospel is universal: 23 February 2014

And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations. — Mark 13: 10


The gospel—the message of salvation—is universal. It applies to all, both living and dead. In Christ’s Olivet discourse he describes natural disasters, famines, and war, and foretells the persecution of Christian congregations. However, these references are merely heralds of the return of Christ. It is God’s saving will that the gospel even be preached in these circumstances to all the nations.

Core Points

  • The gospel is universal. It applies to all nations, to those on earth and to those in the beyond.
  • A sign of the end-time is the proclamation of the gospel to all the nations.
  • Let us intercede on behalf of the many nations, for example, the “nations” of the disappointed, the joyless, those who act without love, and the deluded.

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