Music School Development project in Kimberley: Phase 2

CollageThe project of establishing a Music School in the Kimberley diocese has reference.

On 23 February 2014, following many hours of planning, negotiations, considerations and prayers, a variety of classical instruments were handed to the school.

Phase 2 of the Kimberley music school project forms part of the greater NAC-SEA Music School initiative. The district initiative is aimed at creating more opportunities for its members throughout the working area to further their music development via the church’s internal resources.

When handing over the instruments, District Evangelist Eugene Baise encouraged parents and congregation members to ensure the learners attend all lessons, adding that rectors must ensure transport is provided for learners to attend lessons. He told learners that they must not only attend all lessons, but they must be committed whole-heartedly and ensure that they also take care of their instruments.

* Article from New Apostolic Church – South East Africa


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