Best of luck Bradley and Avril

Priest Palmer - CopyMidrand Congregation said farewell to Priest Bradley Palmer and his wife Avril Palmer on Sunday, 27 April 2014. Priest Palmer is relocating to Cape Town for work purposes.

I would like to share with readers his personal story.

He told me this story a while back and in saying farewell and wishing Priest Palmer and Avril God’s richest blessings, I wanted everyone to have a glimpse into his experiences of faith.

“The first time I attended the New Apostolic Church divine services was the 25 December 1996 at Silvertown (Cape Town) congregation.  The officiant was District Evangelist Desmond Barnes, even though the congregation was full (over 1000 members), it felt like the whole service was about me.  I was under the impression that Avril had spoken to the District Evangelist about me but this was not the case.  Since then I started attending services regularly.                  

“I was baptised in JHB Bezuidenhout Valley congregation in 1997 by Shepherd Schoonraad and was later sealed in Lyttleton congreation in 1998 by Apostle Wilson. We then moved back to Cape Town in 1999 and I was ordained as a Deacon in 2004 for Goodwood congregation by Apostle Matthew Arendse, during the ordination the Apostle made special mention about my stutter, referring to Moses and how the Lord used him as a mouth piece. This was done even though the Apostle did not know about my stutter.  Yet another wonderful experience of faith. 

“In 2007 we moved back to Midrand and was ordained as a Priest in June of 2009.  It was the love for my wife that got me into the doors of the New Apostolic Church, but it was the experiences of faith and the love of God for me that kept me coming back.  All the experiences of faith have taught me that we are nothing without the love and grace of God.  My favourite sayings are ‘As for me and my household we will serve the Lord’ and ‘a servant is not greater than his master’.”



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