Helping others through our holy conduct: 29 June 2014

But as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct. — 1 Peter 1: 15


Let us align our lives with the will of God and intercede in prayer for the departed. In its introduction (1 Peter 1: 1–12), the first epistle of Petermakes reference to the greatimportance of the rebirth. Thisis followed by the main topicof the epistle: it appeals to itsreaders to live a new life thatis to correspond to the holinessof God (1 Peter 1: 13 to 2: 10), always in reference tothe Old Testament. This isfollowed by admonitions andwords of comfort (1 Peter 2: 11 to 4: 19).

Core Points

Let us ensure that our conduct is holy in the sense that we

  • allow ourselves to be led by God.
  • do battle against sin.
  • act as a willing instrument in the hand of God.

If we conduct ourselves in this manner, our intercessions for those in need of help in yonder world will be worthy and genuine.


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