Devotions: September

“Professing our faith”—that is the main theme in the month of September. After all, professing faith is a fundamental task assumed by all Christians at the time of their baptism. They only become true Christians once they fulfil this task. “Christian tradition states that only true believers can be assigned to the invisible, concealed church, in contrast to those who, though baptized, neither believe in Jesus nor profess Him as their Lord”(Catechism 6.5).

Each of the four Sunday divine services in September emphasizes different facets of the way in which New Apostolic Christians can profess their faith.

The divine service on 6 September puts the emphasis on professing our faith in both word and deed, in consideration of the fact that the goodness and love of God transcend anything we could ever imagine, and are thus truly worthy of our thanks and praise.

The second Sunday service highlights the example of Apostle Peter in order to demonstrate how to properly profess the Lord in the congregation, to our neighbour, and by following.

The next Sunday deals with our responsibility to pass the New Apostolic faith along to the younger generation. This task not only falls to parents, but to every member of the congregation. We can best do this through credible words and actions.

The focus of the last Sunday service in September is on asking in the name of Jesus. In order for our petitions to be granted, they must be rooted in belief in Jesus Christ and must conform to His will. Those who bring their petitions to the Lord with such a heart’s attitude thereby give a clear profession of their faith. God will respond to those who pray for a strong faith, endurance in trials, grace, oneness, and the first resurrection.


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