Devotions: February

“The law of Christ” is the main theme over the space of three Sundays in February. Various aspects of this theme will be illuminated. The “law of Christ” consists of the requirement to love God and our neighbour. At the same time, this law makes it clear that human beings cannot earn salvation through good works, but that salvation can only be acquired through belief in Jesus Christ (Catechism 4.8.1 / Catechism Q&A 250).

On the first Sunday, Jesus Christ is presented as the only one to have fulfilled the Mosaic Law as true Man. As true God, however, He has the authority to issue a new law, which takes effect in the kingdom of God (Catechism, 4.7., 4.8 / Catechism Q&A 138, 277).

The sermon on the second Sunday of February centres on how believers can take direction from the law of Christ in very practical terms. Here the focus is on a person’s actions: God expects us to trust Him—even in times of need and trial and in critical situations. God responds to this trust in His love and care.

The Sunday thereafter also deals with the loving care of God, the only one who can give truly good and perfect gifts. Let us ask Him for these gifts in our prayers. Having been granted such gifts, let us also serve as a blessing for our neighbour.

The focus on the last Sunday is on our preparation for the divine service for the departed. Here the emphasis is on our petitions and intercessions. In addition to our intercessions for unredeemed souls, our prayers are also to bring to expression our adoration of God and our humbleness toward Him: He is the great and glorious God who alone can grant salvation and eternal life.


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