Devotions: July


On 3 July we will once again celebrate a divine service for the departed. Such divine services have their foundation in the knowledge that God’s offer of salvation is intended for all human beings, both here and in the beyond. An essential element of such divine services is the collective prayer of intercession spoken in all congregations around the world. These prayers can include content such as:


  • That even the unredeemed in the beyond can receive grace and salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus.
  • That by partaking in the sacraments the souls in the beyond can enter into fellowship with Jesus Christ and His church, and be strengthened in this fellowship.
  • That access to the kingdom of God and eternal life is also open to them.

Intercessions for unredeemed souls

  • Such that they may receive the strength to turn to the Lord in trust and humbleness, and not allow anything to deter them from this.
  • Such that they may feel a longing for the mercy of God and the sacraments.
  • That God may grant them all His love and care.

(Special Edition 2 “Liturgy of the divine services in the New Apostolic Church”)

“Interacting in the spirit of Christ” is the main theme this month, and various aspects of it will be explored in the ensuing Sunday divine services.

The second Sunday of July will examine this theme from the perspective of the many ways in which we can collectively profess and sanctify Christ when we give Him sufficient room in our hearts.

The sermon on the third Sunday of July will focus on fellowship. The value of fellowship and thoughts about how we might better cultivate and enjoy this fellowship will be developed on the basis of a passage from Ecclesiastes 4: 12.

On the Sunday following, the sermon will deal with the conflicts to which we are continually exposed in daily life. How can we try to avoid them? What beneficial conclusions can we draw from conflicts we have endured in the past?

The power of the word is the focal point on the last Sunday of the month. Unrestrained and thoughtless words can hurt others and cause damage. In our conversations we are always to take direction from Jesus Christ, the Word of God who has come into the world.

— We would love to hear from you on any of these topics. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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