Faith and profession


But He said to them, “Where is your faith?” — Luke 8: 25


We remain firmly committed to our creed.

At the instruction of Jesus, the disciples crossed the sea. When a storm arose, the experienced fishermen quickly realized that they were no match for the elements. In a panic they awakened the Lord. He commanded the forces of nature to be still, and then asked the disciples, “Where is your faith?”

We have been invited by Jesus to follow the path that leads to the kingdom of heaven. Sometimes we are faced with special trials on this path and, despite our efforts, things become even worse—and there is no reaction from God. And we wonder if God has forsaken us.

Even the Church is exposed to storms. In some countries, the attendance of divine services and the number of sealings continue to decline. The members there are at their wits’ end because their prayers and efforts seem to be in vain. The future of the Church seems to be threatened, yet God does not intervene.

The biblical story shows that only God in Jesus Christ has all authority (Matthew 28: 18). Today too, He asks us, “Where is your faith?” Let us therefore take a moment to look more closely at the foundations of our faith, as they are expressed in our creed.

We believe

  • In God, the Father, the Almighty. We believe that God behaves as a Father—namely with great loving care. Compared to Him, we are like children: we cannot yet understand everything that the Father does for our benefit, but we trust in Him—all the more because He is the Almighty!
  • In Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who resurrected from the dead after having given His life for us on the We believe that He has come in order to give us access to eternal life.
  • In the Holy Spirit. He sees to it that the gospel is proclaimed to mankind, and supports and helps believers. We believe that He reveals to us, and gives us, everything we need for our salvation.
  • In the church of Christ. This church has been established by Jesus He watches over it and therefore it will continue to exist eternally as a fellowship of those who praise and worship God.
  • In the apostolate and the ordained ministry. In particular, we believe that the Lord has sent His Apostles—and will continue to send them—such that word and sacrament can continue to be dispensed until His return.
  • In the sacraments, namely in Holy Baptism with water, Holy Communion, and Holy We believe that these sacraments are indispensable in our preparation for the return of Christ.
  • That the Lord Jesus will return in order to take to Himself the firstfruits of the dead and the living who have hoped for and were prepared for His

The last Article of Faith expresses that nothing can force us to be disobedient to the will of God, which requires that we follow the commandment to love God and our neighbour.

Our faith is a source of peace, strength, certainty, and joy!

* Thoughts from the Chief Apostle adapted for divine service held on 14 August 2016 at Midrand Congregation.

We would love to hear from you on any of these topics. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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