The Christian faith is intended to be shared with others, therefore the content of the Christian faith and how it is to affect one’s lifestyle is set forth in the Catechism. The term Catechism, which has its origin in the Greek language, was originally used in reference to the instruction of those who were being prepared for baptism with water.

The foundation for the doctrine of the Church is Holy Scripture. The core statements of its message, as contained in both the Old and New Testaments are presented in the Catechism. The work presented begins by exploring Holy Scripture, the Ecumenical Councils of the fourth to seventh centuries, as well as the early church creeds and the most important statements of the Christian faith.

Beyond that it will describe the insights that have developed since the renewed occupation of the Apostle ministry in the early nineteenth century, which are formulated in the New Apostolic Creed.

Catechism: New Apostolic Church

  1. The revelations of God
  2. The Creed
  3. The triune God
  4. Mankind in need of redemption
  5. God’s commandments
  6. The church of Jesus Christ
  7. Ministry
  8. The sacraments
  9. Life after death
  10. The doctrine of future things
  11. From the history of Christianity
  12. Divine service, acts of blessing, and pastoral care
  13. New Apostolic Christians and their life of faith

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