2016: Eggscitement for Easter

The celebration of Easter is the highpoint of the church year. It is a celebration of resurrection and the hope for life. After the ignominious crucifixion of Jesus, evil seemed to have triumphed over good. The resurrection of Jesus Christ, however, demonstrates the power of God over evil and death. This resurrection gives believers the justified hope in their own resurrection and eternal life.

During the Easter Sunday divine service, we learnt that Jesus has announced that it is possible to enter into the eternal glory of God; Jesus died on the cross, resurrected from the dead, and was accepted into the glory of God; the disciples proclaimed the resurrection of Jesus and he lived in them; and that we too are called upon to proclaim the resurrection of Jesus by professing that He lives in us.

After a spiritually uplifting divine service, it was time for the annual Sunday school Easter egg hunt. Children combed through the bushes for their favourite Easter chocolates.